The Courier

Volume 10, Issue 7 (1976)

Issue Highlights


Students Seek $100,000 Fund Control

Next 6 Years at Stake

Student Senate Asks Left Turn Lambert Light

Lambert Lake Fate Goes on Trial Nov. 10

Answers Students Want To Know About the Referendum and Cutbacks--Why us? Whose Fault? What Can We Do?

New Lifestyles Bring New Stress

Part-time Job Market Perks Up

Radio Station To Offer Varied Programming


Rayfield Wimple

Barbara Williams

Vic Pinedo

Kathy Pinedo

Terry Allen


Publications Personnel

Wayne A. Shoop
Managing Editor
Carol Gregory
Photo Editor
Scott Salter
Sports Editor
Tom Ryan
Margaret Andelbradt
Staff Cartoonist
Dario Tranter
Faculty Advisor
Gordon Richmond

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