The Courier

Volume 10, Issue 8 (1976)

Issue Highlights


Courier Poll Shows Strong Student Support for Referendum Vote--But Will They Vote?

DLL Zestfully Urges Referendum Passage

C of C President Says—DuPage Growing Fast

College Fills Real ‘Need’

Gibson Approves Plan for Student Fund Control

State Audit Favorable, Board Told

Drop Plans To Bus Between Campuses

Women’s Volleyball Takes 2nd In State


Florence Van Der Karr

Ernie Gibson

Adade Mitchell Wheeler

Jean-Luc Ponty


Publications Personnel

Wayne A. Shoop
Managing Editor
Carol Gregory
Photo Editor
Scott Salter
Sports Editor
Tom Ryan
Composition Editor
Nancy Besore
Margaret Andelbradt
Staff Cartoonist
Dario Tranter
Faculty Advisor
Gordon Richmond

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