The Courier

Volume 11, Issue 26 (1978)

Issue Highlights


Athletic Budget Into Extra Innings

Student Senate Pushes For Intra-campus Buses

Composer Lukas Foss To Be Artist In Residence

After 12 Years As President — Role Of Community College Is Dear To Dr. Berg

‘Hired Only To Teach’ — At Issue: Who Owns Copyright?

There’s A New Look To Our Old Familiar ‘M’

3 Colleges Fail To Show For Budget


Lukas Foss

Rodney Berg

Alvon Ramp

Marvin Segal

Betsy Segal


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Jolene Westendorf
Sports Editor
Pete Garvey
Photo Editor
Luke Buffenmyer
Staff Cartoonist
Dario Tranter
Circulation Manager
Ben Eaton
Faculty Advisor
Gordon Richmond

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