The Courier

Volume 12, Issue 24 (1979)

Issue Highlights


Bookstore Manager To Quit — Cites Pressure, ‘Archaic Policies’

Snafu Delays Debut Of Station WB9TBO

Mother Of Missing CD Girl Gives Up Hope

Senator Goes To Bat For Learning Center

May Get Saturday Bus Service

‘Showcase’ Is A Hit Thanks To Local Talent

LRC Dean Impressed — Video Discs May Be Technology Of Future

Did Witchcraft Evolve To Subjugate Women?

Two Running For Nine SG Posts

Push-button ‘Magic’ Streamlines The LRC

Returning Women Ignore ‘Tradition’ — They Seek White Collar Jobs

Agent Orange Seminars Listed


Cherokee Sieber

Margaret Stirn

Agnes Stirn

State Sen. James “Pate” Philip

Ginny Weissman

Carolyn Monzingo

Valerie Prohammer

Sue Kelly


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Managing Editor
Andi Konrath
Photo Editor
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Sports Editor
Pete Garvey
Advertising Manager
Tracey Will
Circulation Manager
Ben Eaton
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Gordon Richmond

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