The Courier

Volume 15, Issue 16 (1982)

Issue Highlights


Pass $ 1 Tuition Jump

Faculty Ticket Policy Not Enforced

Speech Team Does It Again

Soil Problems Add $11,000 To PE Price Tag

Podgorski Charges Trustee Election Irregularities

SG's $1.3 Million Contribution Comes With Strings Attached

One Of Highest Admissions Rates, Office Geared To Attract Prospective Students

Chicago Author Shares Insight

‘Patent Leather' Author Here Feb. 15


Ted Podgorski

Harry Mark Petrakis

John R. Powers


Editorial Staff

Thomas Cronenberg
Managing Editor
Dan Cassidy
Art Editor
Bob Dvorak
Photo Editor
Ken Ford
Sports Editor
Dan Devine
Circulation Manager
Lucy Ladner
Faculty Advisor
James J. Nyka

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