The Courier

Volume 18, Issue 12 (1985)

Issue Highlights


New Hope For Wheaton Liquor, Residents To Decide Fate Of 51 -Year-Old Booze Ban

New Survey Claims "Dumb Jock' Image Inaccurate, Unfair To Student Athletes

Arts Center Completion Date Pushed Back By Weather Delays

Benefits Are Restored For State's Disabled

Trackers Win Championship

Chaps Sweep St. Louis Tourney

‘Chekov Evening’

Baby Boomers Corner Music Market

Area Band Hits ‘Top 10'


Devon Brock

Bill Barry


Editorial Staff

Paul Goodman
Managing Editor
R. Kelley Laughlin Jr.
Assistant Editor
Chris Aiello
Entertainment Editor
Julie Bridge
Sports Editor
Greg Huber
Photo Editor
Pat Timmers
Art Editor
John Fenwick
Paste Up
Joe Territo
Business Manager
Dave Hamilton
James J. Nyka
Judy Bluder, Thomas Cronenberg, Louanne Fries, Rick Galfano, John Green, April Gronowski, John Hoffman, Mike Jackson, Bob Kurek, Nancy Lloyd, Mike McCorkle, Lois Michel, Kriss Montgomery, Craig Rice, Steve Savaglio, Holly Schullo, Channon Seifert, Cheryl Sobun, Gary Stopka, Scott Tomkowiak, David Tuley, Charles Ventura, Kathleen Woltzen

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