The Courier

Volume 18, Issue 17 (1985)

Issue Highlights & Notes

Note: Misprinted as Issue 15


VanLaere Quits Post

Bookstore Head Denies Deficit Is Responsible

Trustee Election Probed

Controversial Catholic Satire To Open April 9

Nearly 650 Students Affected By Budget Cuts

New Computer Grant To Benefit Students

Flood Control Project Will Serve College

Farmers Harvest Debt

Scholarship-Seeking Companies Come Up Lost

Chaps Take 3rd At Hockey Nationals

Cagers Finish Season at 29-3


John VanLaere

Patricia Keporos


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Managing Editor
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Entertainment Editor
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Sports Editor
Greg Huber
Photo Editor
Pat Timmers
Art Editor
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Graphics/Paste Up
Joe Territo
Business Manager
Dave Hamilton
James J. Nyka
Judy Bluder, Thomas Cronenberg, Louanne Fries, Rick Galfano, John Green, April Gronowski, John Hoffman, Mike Jackson, Bob Kurek, Nancy Lloyd, Mike McCorkle, Lois Michel, Craig Rice, Channon Seifert, Gary Stopka, Scott Tomkowiak, David Tuley, Charles Ventura, Kathleen Woltzen, Ceil Landahl, Betty Montiel, John Churinoff, Gayle Ekstrom

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