The Courier

Volume 19, Issue 19 (1986)

Issue Highlights


Nixon Wins By Default

Duty Of The Student Trustee

Car Pumped With Bullets In Parking Squabble

Forensics Going For National Win — Again

‘Lucas’ Glen Ellyn Is Stage For Moving, Coming-Of-Age Drama

Cinderella Falls At Nationals

Stabrowski Named All-American, Wins Two National Diving Titles


Linda Nixon

Mary Patino

Don Dame

Paul Stabrowski


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John Hoffman
Managing Editor
Amy Buczko
Photo Editor
Tom Eul
Feature Editor
Channon Seifert
Sports Editor
Dave Tuley
Art Editor
Tom Kunsch
Assistant Features Editor
Sean McMahan
Graphics/Paste Up
Joe Territo
Business Manager
Kathleen Flinn
James J. Nyka
Jon Allen, Chris Buamgartner, Jim Beck, Bruce Decker, John Detwiller, Sheri Frey, John Fenwick, Steve Helgh, John Kissane, Dan Nicholson, Steven Reifschneider, Renee Romeiser, Richard Rudnick, Mark Sauer, Steve Simpson, Karen Steltman, Scott Tomkowiak, Sue Tomse, Nick Veronico

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