The Courier

Volume 19, Issue 24 (1986)

Issue Highlights & Notes

Misprinted as Volume 20


10 Candidates Vie For SG Leadership

Class Greece Trip On, Despite Terror

Student’s Remains Found, 7-Year Search Ends In Shallow Grave

Faculty Debates New Evaluation Proposal

Blues Concert A Lesson In What Rock And Roll Isn't

Female Runners Sweep State And Regional Titles

Chaps Advance To Regionals

Netmen Win Fourth Straight Region Crown


Margaret Stirn

Thomas Scarff

Devin Powell

Gerry Gerbig

Steve Fanelli

Vito Pietrarosso

Kathleen Flinn

David Mark

Ed Demovic

Jim Deasy

Patrick Moukheiber

John Clay

Koko Taylor



The Courier, Volume 19, Issue 24, May 16, 1986
The Courier, College of DuPage

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Photo Editor
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Tom Kunsch
Assistant Features Editor
Sean McMahan
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Joe Territo
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Kathleen Flinn
James J. Nyka
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