The Courier

Volume 20, Issue 11 (1987)

Issue Highlights & Notes

This issue was misprinted as issue no. 10.


Employee Hospitalized Due To Fumes

Tollway To Boost Enrollment

Movie Instructs About Harassment


Kim Trusik


Editorial Staff

Editor in Chief
Tom Eul
Photo Editor
Chris Baumgartner
Features Editor and Features Graphics/Paste Up
Channon Seifert
Art Editor
David Hackney
Graphics/Paste Up
Kriss Montgomery
Business Manager
Kathleen Flinn
James J. Nyka
Signe Beamsley, Jim Beck, Ernest Blakey, Tami Calugi, Tammy Ann DePirro, Brian A Dunk, Kevin A lllescas, Laura Ingraham, Carl Kerstann, John Kissane, Jim Mitchell, Sylvia Phillips, Mark Puc, Jeffrey Romack, Lee Sterling, Linda Sullivan, Joan Wallner, Tina Yurmanovich

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