The Courier

Volume 24, Issue 12 (1991)

Issue Highlights


CD Enrollment Continues Its Upward Spiral

College Committees Seek Student Participation

CD Authors Honored At Reception

Students Rally In Support Of Gulf Troops–Organizers Criticize Student Apathy, Urge Displays To Boost Morale

Former Navy Man Tells Of Life In The Arabian Desert

'New World Order' Needs New Alternatives To War

‘Sea Marks’ Featured At Arts Center


Dan Klobnak

William S. Bridgeforth

Jura Vasiliauskas

Pauly Shore

Alvin Poussaint

Charlie Olschanski


Editorial Staff

Barbara Lopez-Lucio
News Editor
Will Hacker
Features Editor
Susan Polay
Arts & Entertainment Editor
Jennifer L. Berry
Sports Editor
James T. Rendulich
Photo Editor
E. Altman Terry
Art Director
Chris Rey
Advertising Manager
Joanna Del Gallo
Catherine Stablein
Staff Cartoonist
Adam Bain
Staff Photographers
Emma Anzalone and Dorothy Perry
Staff Reporters
Rachel Azzarello, Samm Cwinten, Michelle Langhout, Loretta Lynn, Jennifer Schaefer and Carol Yagan
Production Intern
Gwen Schoenfeld

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