The Courier

Volume 27, Issue 25 (1994)

Issue Highlights


Student Art Gallery May Become Reality

Tuition Fee Proposal For Student Activities Rejected

Faculty Labor Dispute Headed For Negotiation

You Can Call Me Hal

A Look Back At McAninich's Past

‘Lughnasa’ Explores Familiar Ties, Love And Hope ("Dancing at Lughnasa")

AIDS From The Human Perspective: ‘Patient A’ Deals With The Virus From A Tragic, Touching Side By Telling Bergalis Story

Chap Track Wins Region IV Title, Moves On To Nationals


Tina Marie Beelel

Hal McAninch

Margaret Alexander

Rose Ajanee

Chris Glanz



The Courier, Volume 27, Issue 25, May 20, 1994
The Courier, College of DuPage

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