The Courier

Volume 29, Issue 1 (1995)

Issue Highlights


ACLU Sponsors Forum On School Board Elections

Board Election Draws Candidates

SGA Guide New Format Humorous, Controversial

A Look Back At The President’s First Year

New Student Government Introduces Change

Political Battle Over Student Loan Program

Phone System Eliminates Busy Signals And Misrouted Calls

A Look At COD’s New Health Facilities

Lee Kesselman–Outstanding Faculty Member Of The Year

What’s New (photos)

Chaparrals Defend Longest Winning Streak


Mike Murphy

Harold Corrigan

Lee Kesselman

Jennifer Hereth

Ike Porter


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Editor In Chief
Dan Peluso
News Editor
Eiman Sunbulli
Features Editor
Jennifer Hmcirik
Sports Editor
Marilyn Cermak
Arts & Entertainment Editor
Chris Barry
Photo Editor
Andy Beier
Art Director
Neil Huffman
Advertising Manager
Joanna Del Gallo
Courier Advisor
Catherine M. Stablein

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