The Courier

Volume 29, Issue 13 (1996)

Issue Highlights


Sodexho Backs Out Of Food Service Contract

Affirmative Action Plan Update Shows Minorities Underrepresented

Cold Weather Drives Smokers Indoors

Student Body Executive Branch Removed From Office

Mother India International Achievement Award Presented To Faculty Member

Assistant Professor Revisits First Lady At Reunion

Parent/Student Co-Op An Alternative To Babysitters

Reduced Co.’s Abridged Version Of The Bible A Success

‘Camelot’ To Be Staged By College Theater Students

Dr. Demento To Perform His Classics


Shuby Dewan

Karen Evans

Ida Hagman

Hillary Rodham-Clinton

Kathy Gunther

Dr. Demento

Rukiya Banks


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Chris LaFortune
News Editor
Laura Ingraham
Features Editor
Carrie James
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Vicki VandenBos
Photo Editor
Andy Beier
Art Director
Neil Huffman
Advertising Manager
Joanna Del Gallo
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Catherine M. Stablein

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