The Courier

Volume 4, Issue 27 (1971)

Issue Highlights


Denny Freeburn Resigns, Cites College ‘Indecision’

Win Finale for Coach Thomas (Forensics)

If Learning Is Fun, You Learn More: Thomas

Renaissance Week Will Appeal to Everyone

M.A. Is Curve Raiser

Psychology 100 In Action, From Here to Bensenville

Camelot Features Smith Family

Groove Tube

We’ll Do It Again Until War Ends


Denny Freeburn

Tom Thomas

Gary Burkel

George Smith

Al Zamsky


Publications Personnel

Randy Meline
City Editor
Len Urso
Sports Editor
Pete Douglas
Staff Artist
Pat Pheiffer
Advertising Manager
Dave Weakland
Photo Editor
Charles Andelbradt
Faculty Advisor
Gordon Richmond

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