The Courier

Volume 6, Issue 8 (1972)

Issue Highlights


Viet Nam and Psoriasis-- Serling Hits TV Commercials

Urge Caution in Pass-Fail

To Gamble or Not To Gamble-- It’s the Student’s Prerogative

Kent State Recalled--Survey To Decide Trees’ Fate

Class To Search for Legendary Camelot Next April

What You Need for C/D Degrees

Equal Opportunity Director Says - ‘Women’s Discrimination Worse Than Minorities’

Serling Sardonic? Only His Imagination


Rod Serling

Ray (“Tripp”) Throckmorton

Lynne Reynolds

Vic Perry


Publications Personnel

Gene Van Son
Sports Editor
Don Doxsie
Photo Editor
Ed Wagner
Distribution Manager
Ted Zembruski
Advertising Managers
Marilyn Lento
Mark Lickteig
Dave Holle
Faculty Advisor
Gordon Richmond

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