The Courier

Volume 6, Issue 9 (1972)

Issue Highlights


Faculty Cautious in Open Talks

Romantic Troubles? Write Your Way Out

Senate To Quiz Danforth Team

Berg Vetoes Calendar Change

New Lot To Open If Snow Piles Up

Co-Ed Recalls Days as Playboy Bunny

4 Out of 10--Compacts Dominate Campus Parking Lots

CLASS (Computerized Learning Aid Systems for Students) Knows All, Tells Some


Nora Cappelleri

Julie Havey

R. Scott Ferguson


Publications Personnel

Gene Van Son
Sports Editor
Don Doxsie
Photo Editor
Ed Wagner
Distribution Manager
Ted Zembruski
Advertising Managers
Marilyn Lento
Mark Lickteig
Dave Holle
Faculty Advisor
Gordon Richmond

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