The Courier

Volume 7, Issue 16 (1974)

Issue Highlights


Belushi Wins Recount

May Get a Referendum

Schmiege To Retire as Board President

Suburbs Hold Financial Power But Face Ominus Problems, Says Urban Affairs Expert

Economics Making U.S.-USSR More Tolerable

Charge-Backs Here Profitable Last Year

‘Growing Awareness’ Triggers Art Boom

Co-ed Gives New ‘Design’ to Costume Department


Jim Belushi

Frederic Storaska

Roger Schmiege

Paul Gapp

John Erlenbom

David Frye

Jagdish Kapoor

Gordon Kraft

Sue Bonde


Publications Personnel

Chuck Maney
Assignment Editor
Gigi Arthur
Sports Editor
Steve Pierce
Advertising Manager
Mary Chennell
Photo Editor
Bill Bork
Faculty Advisor
Gordon Richmond

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