The Courier

Volume 8, Issue 34 (1975) Summer Session

Issue Highlights


FM Station Plans Debut in Spring

Bus Offers Special Rate For Students

Seek Ace Consultant To Judge Cluster Setup

Librarian in Iran as Consultant

Seek Ace Consultant To Judge Cluster Setup

Ellen Martin Shocked Them in 1891, But She Voted

Where Wealth Is In DuPage County

State Community Colleges Expect 375,000 by 1980

Man Who Came to Dinner’ Gets Best Marks

‘Children’s Hour’ Ticks Off Slowly, Dully

Good Fun and Games under the Colorado Sky

If “The Boy Friend” Could Only Sing Better…


Richard Ducote

Ellen Martin


Publications Personnel

Dan Veit
Assistant to the Editor
James Walsh
Sports Editor
Klaus Wolff
Photo Editor
Scott Burket
Joe Parker
Advertising Manager
Barb Douglas
Faculty Advisor
Gordon Richmond

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