The Courier

Volume 8, Issue 4 (1974)

Issue Highlights


Faculty Offered 3% Wage Hike, Vote Scheduled

Board To Try Referendum Again

Need More State Aid To Halt Tuition Hike

Charge Tuition Now, Pay Later? Not Yet!

Extension College Urges Awarding of Certificates

Fall Enrollment Shows 23% Gain

(President Gerald) Ford Responds to Letter

Klein Digs College Crowds

How 15% of Lemont Joined District 502

Canals, Quarries Shaped Old Lemont


Robert Klein

June Grahn

Mayno Luetkehans


Publications Personnel

John Meader
Assignment Editor
Dan Veit
Sports Editor
Klaus Wolff
Photo Editor
Scott Burket
Advertising Manager
Barb Douglas
Faculty Advisor
Gordon Richmond

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