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… we’ll learn about non-traditional alternatives that ease the pursuit of a college education…

… find Hope in the new student trustee…

… and we’ll train our telescopes to discover shining stars in COD’s universe of success…

Throughout our program we’ll be getting acquainted with College of DuPage students and graduates whose experiences are inspirational to all past, present and future COD students. These “shining stars” demonstrate the limitless potential for success, happiness and good fortune that awaits so many COD graduates. And they all started pursuing their ambitions at College of DuPage.

A very important position in COD’s student government is Student Trustee, the Leadership office responsible for student interest and perspective to the college’s Board of Trustees. IMAGES! spent some time talking with incumbent Student Trustee, Hope Whitten to learn more about student government, the board, and the experiences of an active student that everyone should know.

College of DuPage’s Cooperative Education and Internship Program allows students to apply classroom knowledge to real world situations while earning elective credit toward a degree. Marilyn Joyner of Glen Ellyn found the joy of providing therapy as an extension of her studies in horticulture. Recently the Cooperative Education and Internship Association recognized Marilyn as the top two-year college student intern in the nation. IMAGES! spoke with Marilyn to learn more about an internship experience that was rewarding for herself, and many others.

Daily life can be hectic for many of us and it’s sometimes difficult to find the time to do the things we really want to do. College of DuPage believes that should not interfere with the ability to pursue a quality college education. COD’s Centers for Independent Learning allow students to enroll in flexible and convenient course programs outside of the traditional, scheduled classroom setting - to match any busy schedule or lifestyle. COD makes it easy to find the time for learning.