The Courier

Volume 1, Issue 13 (1968)

Issue Highlights


Mikado Performances Here March 2-3 (photos)

Honors Group Listed

Reclassification Rumor Untrue, Says Registrar

Bonnie and Clyde: Real, Just Like Their Victims

Unheralded Backstage Crew Makes Good Plays Possible, Says Actor, But Applause Is Not For Them

‘In Cold Blood’ Will Be Year’s Best, Critic Says

College Computer Has Whirlwind Answers


Kit Stanich

Betty Filson

Paul Buehl

Ed Sanderson

Cathy Solon

Mike Ford

Pete Kent

Don Preston


Publication Personnel

Donna Boerste
Terry O'Sullivan
Sports Editor
Scott Betts
Advertising Manager
Randy Haas
Faculty Advisor
Gordon Richmond

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